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Choosing the right nursery for your child is one of the most important and difficult decisions that you will have to make. Our secure facilites come with on site parking, ample outdoor space for children to explore and open plan indoor spaces. 


Children should feel happy and comfortable at the nursery, this will aid good social, emotional and physical well being. At Cotton Buddies children will receive a calm, caring and welcoming atmosphere so they can develop at their own pace. 

The Characteristics of Effective Learning


The characteristics of effective learning are a key element in the early year’s foundation stage. They detail the ways in which children should be learning from their environment, experiences and activities. Children up to the age of five should all be displaying the characteristics of effective learning every day


Playing and exploring

  • Engagement Finding out and exploring

  • Playing with what they know

  • Being willing to ‘have a go’

Active learning

  • Motivation

  • Being involved and concentrating

  • Keeping trying

  • Enjoying achieving what they set out to do


Creating and thinking critically thinking

  • Having their own ideas

  • Making links

  • Choosing ways to do things


Whilst you’re apart from your child, you want to know that your child is safe, happy and receiving a solid foundation for their education. We use a secure online platform called Blossom to record the development of your child. Through Blossom we track and understand your child’s learning more effectively and build strong, trusting parent partnerships by sharing their development, as well as invoices and billing information with you through the Parent App.

How we care for children

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